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With the XII boards in the last phase, entrance exams are here.


IIT-JEE exams are conducted in two stages:

* IIT-JEE Mains
* IIT-JEE Advanced


No matter how many hours you have given to preparations, you can never be sure, which is why Narayana is here to help you streamline your practice. Here are some expert-recommended tips that might help you keep your preparations in line.


Find similarities and comprehend The topics and syllabus of IIT-JEE are interconnected. Even though the topics are distinct, they still work on similarities. Completing the comparables together will help you finish the streamlined topics first. Brush up on what you have studied before every time, not forgetting what you have read. Always prefer understanding instead of mugging up.


Don't rush yourself Learning, understanding and grasping take time. Don't rush. Rushing would make you skip some things and reduce your inculcation. Take time with each concept, and if the time has a narrow window, make a list of the topics and plan the time you need to cover individually. This way, you will keep nervousness at bay and have a planned approach.


Learn the basics through examples Examples and case studies are the most vital strategy for understanding the basics. Examples help your subconscious mind remember things and practically present them while writing the paper. This way, you see a clear picture of what is being demonstrated. Always make sure to read and understand the examples.


Be confident in your preparations. If IIT is your dream and IIT-JEE is your target, we can help you increase your productivity. With guidance from industry experts and a standard system like no other, Narayana is here to help you. Give us a call at 1800 102 3344.


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